The Ancient Romans called the best players in the
arena: lusoris

Fast forward to today and mobile app monetization is a tough business.
Our team will help you become the best player in the monetization arena: a luso.

Our team members have been expertly crafting monetization loops for over a decade.

over a decade

Luso: Learn

The first stop in becoming a monetization player is understanding the fundamental components of how an ad gets from an agency's brain to your app.

Discover all the terms you should know  from A-Z. Back to basics!

Work through the course material at your own pace.

There are no stupid questions, so ask away in our team's Slack.

Luso: Earn

Already a player in monetization and want less headaches? Nice. Our team helps to craft your ideal demand stack and ideate in parallel.

Let us vet new partners, negotiate contracts, collect payments and more.

Our team will brainstorm to find new ways to monetize your app.

As your new best friends, we're always here to listen to your ideas (no matter how crazy you think they are!).

Luso: Advertise

Our publishers have some of the most in-demand inventory you could ask for across the gaming, lifestyle, news and travel verticals.

Tap into in-app inventory that is brand safe and 97%+ viewable.

Reach web inventory through true instream, panels, leaderboards, outstream and more.

Connect with our publishers via Slack.

Players leveling up with Luso

US Traffic
65% / 35%
In-App vs Web

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